Strictly Pediatrics, Inc. began in 1985 as a pediatric nursing service providing quality nursing care to children in their homes. As we grew, we began to recognize that all children have needs, not just medical. We began to identify factors that truly had an impact on children later on in life. We acknowledged that everyone had a unique learning style and by identifying these styles early on, children could compensate for weaknesses and build on strengths. We began to research how sensory input affected our learning. Failure to touch certain objects, or taste certain foods, or engage in a messy play activity limits the child's exploration of their world, thus inhibiting learning later on making it difficult for a child socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. We knew that a child's diet affected not only their health, but their growth and development and their potential to learn.  We understood the importance of family involvement and setting limits to provide security and self-confidence.  When parents and adult caregivers are united in guiding children to make wise choices and setting limits,  then the child becomes less confused and more secure. We began to see the importance of prevention and intervention at an early age in order for the child to have a bright and successful future. Hence, Strictly Pediatrics Center, was founded in 1995 to provide children with a solid foundation during the most important years of their life; the early years.

What makes Strictly Pediatrics Center unique, is our approach and our delivery method. In order to identify needs and implement our program, we gathered all the experts.  We have educators, nurses, a developmental therapist, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists all on staff  and we tap into other experts in the community when needed, such as physician's, educators, dieticians, other therapists, social workers, and other community resources.  We are dedicated to children and to their future and future generations to come. We believe that every child has the potential to do great things and together we can help children succeed.